Students will meet with their teacher and class over Zoom through the Schoology platform. See below for directions on accessing a Zoom meeting.

  1. Navigate to your Schoology course (directions above).

  1. Look for the Zoom Conference link (it may have a slightly different name, but the yellow square icon will remain the same).

  1. Find the correct meeting. There may be many listed, so be sure to look for the correct day, time, and subject. Then click “Join.”

  1. If given this prompt, click “Open Zoom Meetings.”

  1. Select “Join with Computer Audio” to ensure that you can be heard. You will have the option to mute your microphone whenever you need to.

  1. If you see this message, you have arrived before the teacher has started the meeting. You can wait on this screen, and when the teacher has started the meeting, you will be connected with the meeting.

  1. You can mute your microphone by clicking the button below. Then you will not be heard by the other people in the meeting.

By clicking the “Stop Video” feature, you will not be seen by others in the meeting. This can be turned on and off.

  1. When the meeting is over, it will close automatically. If you need to leave before the teacher ends the meeting, you can click here.

If Zoom is not working, Schoology Conferences is a back-up option for students to meet with their teacher and class. This video explains how to join a Schoology conference.