In order to access student eBooks inside of Schoology, you must first log into National Geographic Learning at their website. To login to NGL, click on this link.

  1. Once you have logged into NGL, launch a course.
  2. Now that your course is launched in NGL, go back to Schoology.
  3. In Schoology, open your NGL material using the external tool. It should open inside of Schoology. If the eBook doesn't open inside of Schoology, then you need to use the "External Tool" to add your material.


If your eBook didn't open inside of Schoology, then you need to add it as a course material using the "External Tool" option. To add an external tool, click on "Add Materials" and then choose "File/Link/External Tool." Once you've chosen external tool, in the new window, toggle the tool provider to NGL.