Let’s look at how to log in to Clever. 

This platform will give your student access to all the materials they’ll need for remote learning. 

Clever is the access portal to nearly every online resource our district uses. Through Clever, students access Schoology, Lexia, Zearn, ST Math, and a lot more.

Students can access Clever by going to the School District website, www.greeleyschools.org, or by going to their own school website, and looking for the Clever icon, shown here.

Once they click on this icon, they will select “Log in with active directory.” They will be prompted to type in their username and password. The username is only the first part of their email address. It does not include the @greeleyschools.org. Their password is their lunch number, usually a six digit number.

The Clever dashboard might look a little different than this depending on your student’s school and grade level, but they will see a variety of different icons like this. Frequently used apps can be moved to the top of the page for easy access by clicking on the heart in the top right corner.

Most app icons will log students directly into the app. Schoology is different, and will require them to once again sign in using their username and password. 

If you have any difficulties accessing the programs you need, please contact your child’s teacher.