You may have noticed a new button in your Schoology Assignments called Kami. Kami is an interactive tool that allows students to mark up PDF documents and more. You are seeing this tool because we have recently installed the Kami Chrome Extension on all teacher and student Chrome Browsers. This was necessary for Kami to work inside of Schoology.

When using Kami, teachers can use Schoology Assignments and attach a PDF document as a Kami assignment. Students will then see an option to open the assignment in Kami. This will allow the student to interact with the document in Kami as well as submit the assignment directly from Kami to Schoology. Here are some of the tools that students can use in Kami:

  • Highlight, Underline, and Strikethrough    
  • Add Text Box    
  • Text Comment    
  • Insert Shapes
  • Google Drive Autosave

The Kami Chrome Extension is only being installed by the district. This does not mean that we are providing premium licenses for our organization. When first using Kami, you will be provided with a premium trial period. After the trial period is over, your account will revert to the basic (free) account type.

Watch below for a brief demo on how to use Kami