Your district-provided laptop may or may not support printers or other personal devices you have at home. All district users have the rights and permissions to perform an install of a local printer on their assigned district device just as they would a network printer at a school or district building.

Perform the following steps to add a supported personal printer to your district device:

  1. While logged into the computer and with the printer powered on, simply plug in the USB printer cable into an available USB port
  2. Windows should detect and install the printer and driver if available
  3. A notification will appear on the screen when the process is complete
  4. You can now select the newly installed printer as use it

If your printer is not supported by Windows natively, you may be prompted to load special software. If this is the case, the printer will not be able to be used with a district device. Please follow one of the recommendations below to get print jobs to your home printer.

  1. On the district computer, copy any document to a removable USB drive. Then, take that drive to your home computer and open/print the file from there.
  2. Email the document to yourself and then open it on the home computer for printing
  3. If the document is already in your Google drive, just open and print it directly from your home computer, using your district credentials to log into Google.