Quick reference photo and instructional step by step setup video 

Cord Description/Reference Photo

  1. Power Cord: Your dock has a specific power cord (the bigger brick, 90W) that is needed to power the dock.

  2. Power Button: used to boot or wake up any device connected to the dock. *not visible in photo*

  3. Light: will let you know if your dock has power and the sleep/awake status of any device connected to the dock.

  4. USB-C: This is the cord that connects your device to the dock.  This cord must be plugged into the port on the side, not the front port. 

  5. Display Cords:  These cords connect any external displays such as a monitor, projector or interactive board. 

  6. Ethernet Cord:  This cord gives you a hardwired connection to the district internet so your device is not connected via wifi. 

  7. USB Cords: There are 3 USB ports on the back and one on the front of the dock.  (keyboards, mice, storage devices, etc...

Step by Step Setup Video