The Self-Service Reset Password Management portal is for D6 staff and faculty only 
Click here to access the SSRPM portal  

*If you are locked out of your account, you will need to access this site from your phone or another computer that someone else is signed into*

You will need to enroll first!  After enrolling you can change your password. 

*If you are not at a district location, your windows computer password will not change until you return to a district location.  Continue to use your old password when logging into your windows computer.  Use your new password for all other linked systems* 

Instructions on how to enroll

  1.  Click on the 'Enroll' link.
  2. Type in your current District 6 computer/email credentials and click 'Next'.  Only enter the username portion of the email address before the

  3.  Answer the security questions.  Click 'Next' to continue through the questions.  You will need these answers in the future,  so you may want to record your answers.

Instructions on how to change your password

  1. If you forget your password and need to change it, visit the SSRPM website and click 'Forgot my Password' or 'Change Password' as needed. Follow the instructions on the site.