1.  Unbox the hotspot and plug in the AC-adapter, the screen will show a battery icon indicating it's charging.

  2.  To boot up the hotspot, hold down the power button till you see the word 'Welcome'.

  3. The screen will look like the image below when the hotspot is ready to connect to:

  4.  Quickly press the power button to scroll through the menu.
     One single tap will take you to the next page. 

    Data usage display 

    Wi-Fi Name (Your Wi-Fi name will be different than what's pictured)

    Wi-i Password (Your password will be different than what's pictured) 
    URL Guide
  5.  You will need connect your Chromebook/laptop to the Wi-Fi name shown in the menu on your hotspot, type in the Wi-Fi password when prompted. 

  6.  When your device is fully connected to the hotspot, the main display on the hotspot will show two arrows pointing up and down, and a Wi-Fi icon with a number next to it.  The number next to the Wi-Fi symbol indicates how many devices are connected to the hotspot.  IT strongly suggests only connecting devices needed for remote learning. 

  7.  Please shut down the hotspot when not in use. Hold down the power button till you see the word 'Goodbye' to shut down the hotspot.